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Innovative Solutions Division

We at Uncanny are developing an innovative solution using our own patent. Additionally, we specialize in finding fresh Innovative Ideas and offering them expert marketing services. giving to our client the best innovative patent solutions and products, on the other hand. We support our clients in reaching their corporate objectives while enhancing productivity and performance.


RibuDe Story



We The Project Founders \ the Developers of this business opportunity having over 9 years of R&D in seismicity heading under a professional senior professor with over 35 years involved in Metal Design R&D lab, we are fully confident to provide unparalleled Global Building System.


We developed a new patent Seismic Building system, and achieving the “Lego Concept/ plug & play” with standard structure, it’s now more than a building system it is a new state-of-the-art Unique Building Seismic concept.


Furthermore, Founders were in contact with German company in machinery industry for Our Mass Production support at later stage. Recently We had initiated a Pilot Project using our plug & play structure, whereas pilot projects were built before using first & second structure of Our Seismic Building system.


Due to time factor we intent to approach Investor as a strategic Partner to proceed with initial phase of (building pilot house using plug & play structure that match local code\taste and initialing mass production line), and then spreading out our Seismic Building system locally\Regionally\Globally.





There are two main common steel structures. First one is Frame-Steel structure and  the second is (Light steel Structure) , whereas each one has  defects & limited applications, knowing that our building concept is located in between BUT introduced as Prefab/Precast new technology while avoiding the defects and increase benefits by applying the latest findings of modern iron manufacturing theories of science and innovation, while solving all technical issues that would makes it easy to install, resist earthquakes and the ability to build  high-rise very fast and  flexible that also suits traditional housing buildings.

Our third generation “Plug & Play structure” has a strong structural design, fully rigid, with single wall panel, single roof slab and single panels for windows & doors. It can be introduced as Prefab/Precast, therefore it is the best seismic structure, achieving state-of-the-art system with plurality of standard singular three types & standard dimensions, No column outside, easy to transport, to handle, to erect. Also with NO bulky foundation but very simple infra structure. In addition, the capability of building any architectural design with fully open, partially or fully closed façade and the ability to use for façade artificial stones, etc…


Our Seismic Building system leverage the housing construction needs to quickly gain market share since it is patent as a unique system, convenient and based on seismicity, cost competitive, providing true performance, time saving, and mass production capability. It combines standard technology with a deep understanding of seismicity that differentiates it among normal Prefab/Precast existing building systems.

RibuDe Development Stages