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    Chairman Word

To begin with, there was no cooperation in the world; it was only when people began teaming that teamwork emerged. Successful collaboration is developed not when people get together to achieve something, but when they are traveling in the same direction and filling one other's gaps; whereas one person's weakness is another's strength.


Successful team members did not get to where they are by accident. Team members with similar goals and ambitions collaborated to create an exciting path. Because our objectives are more lofty, the vision ahead will be both exciting and challenging.

Nonetheless, we're confident that our power, wisdom, and energy will enable us to create a new page in Turkey's Success Stories, thanks to a clear objective, dedicated hearts, and the pioneering spirit that has pushed us from the start.


Eng.Tayseer Alfalah

Chairman / CEO


About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

At Uncanny, we are a collection of highly motivated, goal-oriented experts. Our professional team is made up of experts with extensive and verified experience in a wide range of business development, trading, and marketing operations.


We guarantee our team's honesty and dedication to the client and his project. Our dedicated team strives to give the best possible results for our clients.


Success from "End" to "End", Uncanny provides advisory services to men and women in business in the Middle East, as well as individuals, and guide them step by step to success.

Our Story


We uphold the highest professional and ethical standards and place a premium on transparency and honesty in our communications, relationships, and actions.


We are responsible for the quality and long-term impact of our work, as well as the commitments we make to our participants, partners, donors, and one another.


Everyone's unique talents, experience, and perspective are valued and celebrated, and we treat our participants, partners, donors, and each other with compassion and respect. 


We go beyond traditional concepts and practices in order to foster new possibilities and creativity, resulting in actual and enduring beneficial change.

Heads Of Divisions


Prof. Mohammad Othman

 CTO - Innovation  


Abdelkadir Elrifaai  / Marketing

Our Clients

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